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Because rose champagne is classy

To us 🙂

I love him so much ❤

Melting Pot

Dinner at Melting Pot on me! Yup 🙂 it was quite yummy. We both agreed tho that Garden Grill is better. Melting pot is pretty high up there. Next time we said we would just come for dessert hehe a bit pricey for a non-special occasion dinner

Karma will come back

Don’t talk shit behind my back or behind my baby’s back. Shit will come back to you bitch! You have no idea what you are getting yourself into!

I love you baby! Thanks for always looking out for me and taking care for me. You are and always will be my everything.

nanun mike sarang hae

Blah finals!!

See look I studied while eating a yummy capresse sandwich!

Almost done!!!!!

while I lock myself up for finals, this is how I procrastinate

Finals are next week but I have other things on my mind that are really bothering me lately and I get nothing done. But without mike I really would be an emotional mess. I really really really am trying to keep my head up but it does not help when stuff lingers back in my life. Thanks for keeping me sane…

I can’t wait!

To pick up his gift at the DMV in 8-12 weeks… ahh yay so excited!


for him being in my life. I told him everything about my past that I hadn’t told anyone. All the small or big things that made me not trust a man, and yet he still understood everything and is willing to be patient for me to overcome that. He supports me in everything I do and loves me no matter what was in my past. Never have I had anyone who cares for me so much and who would do anything for me. I really am so thankful for everything he does for me. And I can only hope that im up to par to him. I want to be the best for him just how he is the best for me. Nanun Mike Sarang Hae. xoxo

on a more lighter note…

Disneyland was so much fun! And we are going to go more often now that we have annual passes! Disneyland-4/6/09

Spring break is half over and I really haven’t done much but its okay. Just some time for me to forget school is the best way to enjoy spring break. Work is going good and once spring break is over I really need to concentrate cause I have finals soon =( o boy…

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