About Mike:

About me lets see… I’m not that good of a liar, but I am pretty sarcastic if you get to know me and I am pretty funny If i say so myself. I have a pet penguin in my car and his name is Patrick, he is pretty awesome and for some reason he gets girls quite easily. I speak broken Korean and Japanese. But Koreans do not understand my broken Korean. And same goes for my Japanese. I sometimes have bad short term memory but I still remember random and unimportant information which in the end can come in handy. When I’m at work, I mess around with my car. I am constantly on my iphone so please do not take it personally if I seem rude about it. My car takes a lot of my time and effort but I still love my IS. I drive too fast and my insurance obviously shows it or the fact that the cops know my name now. I drive and text so this might be an issue next year. People think I’m competitive, but I honestly don’t think so. I’m just awesome at whatever I do, HA kidding. I am pretty technical and grammar or spelling errors bother me and I will correct you, but I am a hypocrite sometimes so excuse me if I have spelling errors too. I do not own a GTR but I am a GTR technician, I love the show Friends and that is how I learned how to say 1-10 in French. I want to learn French so I can pick up girls. I really really want a lil puppy that I can carry around just to show off. I have asked people to make me a mini German Shepard, but they have not gotten back to me yet. I always carry chapstick on me, never leave the house without it, or ill go buy some if I forget it. I love Ramune. And I say Nigga please. And I think people who say PahShaw are silly. I say DORO instead of ORO cause im cool like that. My nephew is the cutest kid. My favorite Disney Movies are Incredibles and Toy Story. Anything else?

About Yuki:

Sooooooo….. I was made in Japan, but I am pretty white/jewish washed and you probably would have assumed that I was born here. Due to my whiteness, I use weird words such as PASHAW. It’s a Calabasas thing so do not worry about it. I have some weird traits such as not being able to tell my left from my right. When I am talking on the phone sometimes, I completely forget where I’m going. I drive a 240sx, but I know nothing about them though LOL. If I did not have my phone, I probably would not be able to survive college due to its handy capabilities. After a long day at school, its always nice to come back to a post it on my car. I love to discuss about crayons and washing cars with wonderwoman. My favorite Disney movie all time is lilo and stitch, but I also have a interest in nemo. When it comes to keeping to a schedule, I often can lose track of time depending on what I’m doing. I’m a die hard Laker fan and I hate people who prefer the Celtics. I am pretty great at observing people and being able to write long descriptions about them. I must say I have the coolest friends in the world and they care about me a lot. ^^^ I obviously did not write this… =P

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